Friday, February 12, 2010

I've been slacking... again

I've kinda been MIA. Sorry.

I got my butt in gear last night and worked on more produce bags and some book thongs that I'm giving to a coworker as a valentine's day gift... I want her to be my valentine. haha jk.

For the produce bags, I used some happy veggie graphics that I printed on fusible, printable fabric paper? (I know what it is, just not what its called and I'm too lazy to look up the name).  I'm using fabric scraps that I've accumulated over the years.   Finally, huh? I never thought I'd use those funky prints on anything that I thought would be cool.  (in my head kind of cool)


Book Thongs or better know as book markers.

I used waxed linen and butterfly and heart charms and glass beads. No big deal. Really easy and quick to make.



Now, for the weekend...
I plan on setting up my craft area with a new craft table and more shelves!

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