Friday, January 29, 2010

for Lauren

for Lauren
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I made these earrings for Lauren for her birthday. I forgot to photograph them before packaging. oops.

So here's my something crafty for last night.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Me today.

Me today.
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umm.... my mug for today.

I know. I've been slacking. sorry.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bye bye part of my boobie

Bye bye
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I picnicked my pic.
Here is my right boobie. The one that's gonna get sliced up on Thursday. So here's a shot of the poor girlie. The ribbon is placed at 6 o'clock (well somewhat) which is the location of the lump.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I wear a star

I wear a star.
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I wear a star because in my world I am a star. The star, in fact. The star of my own little world... Its my world and I can be anything. Even John Cusack's soulmate. In my world, the one in which I am the star, John is my soulmate. No. Wait.  I'm his soulmate.

Edited to add:
After reading, DeElla made me think of this song, so I posted the lyrics...
C'mon now, everybody, sing it!

Hey, look me over
Tell me do u like what u see?
Hey, I ain't got no money
But honey I'm rich on personality
Hey, check it all out
Baby I know what it's all about
Before the night is through
U will see my point of view
Even if I have 2 scream and shout

Baby I'm a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I r, I'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til I reach the top
Sing it (We are all a star!)

Hey, take a listen
Tell me do u like what u hear?
If it don't turn u on
Just say the word and I'm gone
But honey I know, ain't nothing
Wrong with your ears
Hey, check it all out
Better look now or it just might be 2 late (just might be 2 late)
My lucks gonna change tonight
There's gotta be a better life
Take a picture sweetie
I ain't got time 2 waste

Oh baby I'm a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I r, I'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til I reach the top
Sing it! (We are all a star!)

Everybody say, nothing come 2 easy
But when u got it baby, nothing come 2 hard
You'll see what I'm all about (see what I'm all about)
If I gotta scream and shout (if I gotta scream and shout)
Baby baby (baby) baby (baby) baby (baby)
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (star)

Might not know it now
Baby but I r, I'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til I reach the top
Sing it! (star)

Baby baby baby
oh baby I'm a (star)
baby baby baby
(We are all a star)

(Baby I'm a star)
We are all a star

We are all a star

Baby, baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby, baby
We are all a star

{Backwards talking in the background}
"Like what the fuck do they know
All their taste is in their mouth
Really. What the fuck do they know?
Come on baby. Let's go... crazy"

Monday, January 11, 2010

I've been slacking...

My girls are not keeping me in check!  Sandy!!! this means you.
(Figured, I'd call her Sandy so she'd get real mad and do something about it. :P)

Instead of a crafty something, I'm gonna post my mugshot for today. (I'm not even keeping up with the mug a day).  OH SANDY!!! HELP ME. I'M A SLACKER!

Mug 1/11/10

Here's what I'm drinking today.

Coffee. I stirred in a packet of cocoa, cos I'm crafty like that.
Earl Grey tea.  Hot and iced.  yes. iced.
Diet Coke. its for later.

Today's drinks.

Also, in the drinks photo, you can see three items from swaps that I've received.
a Frida Matchbox Shrine. A matchbox stuffie (kitty) and a so ugly its cute felt stuffie.

If you want, go to the flickr page for this photo. I made notes for these items.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What makes you laugh?

I got this new deodorant today.  
The instructions said remove cap and push up bottom. 
I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells awesome.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Won't You Help My Bro's Band, please?

They're looking to get their third album out. Click the link and help them out, I did.  

Congrats! You are now backing The Absynth Quintet's Third Album Project for $25.00.

Ahhh... I'm awake now

After I got home from work last night, I slid under the covers for a nap... ahhh... a 10-hour nap works wonders!

I woke up really hungry... and totally bummed that I didn't do anything crafty yesterday. I was starving and craving pancakes. so I made pancakes. at 5 am. on a Tuesday morning. A work day at that.

Lookie here, lookie here.

Barry thought I was weird cos I'd actually use real potatoes to make stuff with (as in mashed potatoes - my fave). I didn't think it was weird at all. I love potatoes.
CONFESSION: Sometimes I take short cuts and use frozen fries, but they don't like when I do that. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Barry gave me this griddle for Christmas the second year we were together.
He was unsure how I would take it, but I LOVED it. I had been hinting I wanted one for the longest. He spent more than I would have spent.  And he got it on sale.  I think it was about $50.
I use it all the time.

I was doing pretty good.  I usually burn stuff when I've got a lot on the burners... and in the oven.

oops... well, I've already accepted the fact that I burn stuff. Every meal. it doesn't matter.

I did pretty good with the bacon this time... Thats usually the stuff that gets burned because I leave it in the oven too long.

So, here's my finished meal.
Yes, since I burn it, I usually go ahead and eat it.
but damn, it was goooooooood.

So. My question to you now is...


Monday, January 4, 2010

1 hour of sleep

1 hour of sleep
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My mug for today.

This me at work on one hour of *sleep.*

My SCAD for January 3rd

More ice pack holders
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I am calling it Jan. 3 because I slept all day Sunday and didn't wake up until 6pm. So, my third day of the new year started at 6 pm and ended at 6 am. (I can only claim 12 hours because I couldn't sleep all day today... work happens). I got this *crafty* thing done by 5:30AM.

I ended up making two more ice pack pouches because over the weekend my boss broke a bone (or more) in her foot. We won't know anything until she goes to the doctor today because she's like me, we hate the emergency room and refuse to go unless absolutely necessary.

So here you have it, my day 3 SCAD.

Check out the fabric. I think its cute. I bought it as a remnant from Walmart a LONG time ago. It had to have been a huge piece because I've made a couple other things with it and I have even sent some it to a swap partner. What makes it cute and perfect for this ice pack is that it is covered with anthropomorphic first-aid related items.

I want to be an ice road trucker when I grow up.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Two of Something Crafty A Day

Here are my three items for today.

This afternoon, I spent a bit of time at the park with Deb and her three babies, Sofia, Emma and Jonas. Jonas is a sweet, sweet, sweet little baby. Such sweetness. I love him. Anyway, Jonas had a hat but it was too small for his head. Deb said she has a hard time finding one that will fit his head (I'm not saying it, but SHE says its big). She pulled at the seams to make it a bit bigger. it worked. I guess. Well it gave me my idea for today's something crafty for today.

I had some fabric scraps left over from CJ's snuggie that I made for him, so I told Deb that I'd try to make a hat using that. Deb and I kinda have a thing for skulls. This fabric has skulls.

anyway, here is the beanie that I made.
Jonas' beanie
Don't laugh. Unless I absolutely have to, I don't have the patience for patterns so my stuff is always wonky. Its cool cos none of the people I make stuff for are sewers so they either don't notice or they won't say anything. Good for them cos then I'd have to x them off my list of *people I like to make stuff for*. Usually, though, my receivers seem to love what I make for them.

Well, since I didn't really measure his head - I used the hands-around-head-measurement-system, I didn't really get a good *measurement* so I decided I'd make an adjustable head wrap for him.
For Jonas

I figure if the hat isn't snug enough, then she can use the wrap and then put the hat over.
we'll see.

Another thing I made today is this little waterproof pouch. I put in it a DIY ice pack. It is currently in use. I made the pouch small enough to fit in my bra. Yes, my bra. I've been having some shooting pains in my boobie. The same boobie that currently has *issues*. I'll show you the pics of the pouch. and the DIY ice pack... but I will spare you from a pic of the pouch in my bra.

its my new boobie ice pack holder

the diy ice pack

Recipe for making the ice pack...

1 part alcohol*
2 parts water
food coloring of your choice
2 zip lock baggies

Mix the alcohol and water with the food coloring then pour into baggie #1. Take out as much air as you can then place into baggie #2. Freeze.
It won't get completely frozen. It will be slushy, but it will stay cold quite a while.

*rubbing alcohol works, some even use vodka... but who'd waste vodka on an ice pack?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010


Day 1 Thing-a-day is complete!

January 1, 2010

Thanks to Janice, and a little competition with Kiki, and a *I figured you'd alredy been doing this* from my beloved, Cherries, I decided to do a sorta Thing-A-Day blog.

I am hoping to make it a crafty thing-a-day with a mugshot-a-day thrown in. and I may ramble on about stuff, cos I do that. oh, I love to bake, so I may include a baked goodie as a thing-a-day. It's my blog. I can do what I want. Hah!

For now, I'm gonna tell you about my crafty TAD for today...

A crocheted throw.

A couple of weeks ago, Barry and I were at one of our favorite Thrift Stores. (Family Thrift Centers, 920 N. Durham, 77008). I love thrifting. So I'm always looking for sweet finds. I found these beautiful crocheted squares. There were several. I wanted them but I really didn't want to spend the $3.93 price that they were marked. So I left them.

I tell Barry, that if I really want something but don't really need it, and its there when I go back, then it was meant to be. Not that I go and seek out the items. I usually forget about them. But if I come across it, its happiness all over again.. and you know... it was meant to be. These squares fall in that category.

On my first visit, it seems like there were at least 6. I remember thinking that it would be too expensive to pay $24 for something that I would have to finish myself. I mean... well... maybe I'm just that cheap. Whatever. the wait was worth it. I got four squares at $1.91 each. there were five. I left one behind.

So, there you have it. The reason for my big push to start this blog and my first thing a day.