Friday, July 16, 2010

My Messy Creative Craft Space

I joined a swap on Swap-bot. An email swap. Usually, if I join an email swap its because its an easy one and most times involves taking photos... This swap is called Your Creative Space. It was featured in Rachel's Blog a couple of weeks ago. If she had not featured it, I probably would have never seen it. I don't usually search for swaps. And to be honest, I don't really get on Swap-bot too much either.  (shhh... don't tell)... I came across Rachel's link by way of Facebook.

What caught my attention about this one was it involved peeking into other crafty people's creative spaces.  I love that... wait... not in a stalker kind of way... I like to get ideas on how I can make my space more... cozy? cos it ain't getting any more organized than it is which is what I wanted to say is my reason for wanting to peek at everyone's space.   OK, OK, OK... maybe I am a stalker... oooh, be afraid...

Ok, so, lemme tell you about my space.
First off, I have to say that it took me so long to complete this swap (which is due today) because I didn't want to photograph my space all messy. I wanted to put everything in its place and then take photos... but... I got lazy. then I realized... hey, that's just how it looks. I can't be creative in a clean, well organized space... and the fact that everything doesn't exactly have its own space... so, there you have it... my messy creative craft space. Enjoy!

First photo:
Its a sort of full view of my craft corner. You see I have a ton of the plastic storage drawers. In the drawers you will find all sorts of stuff to sew, crochet, knit, stuff stuffies, quilt quilts, make jewelry, play with polymer clay... There are all sorts of paper cutting stuff, rubber stamps, ink pads, scrapbook papers, markers, all sorts of adhesives... lots of good junk. I have 4 wide drawers, 5 slimmer ones, three single drawers, and then a couple of bins and baskets.  As you can see, I need more space... or I just need to de-stash.  I should probably de-stash... but i don't wanna!

Second Photo:

Its my newest sewing machine. I have some issues with it... but not about the way it handles... mostly about the way that I am used to the other one and I grab for knobs and levers that aren't there.

A view of my table and wall. Oh yeah... a peek at my new... I don't know what you'd call it... but the bar with the hanging baskets... I got that last week at Ikea. Really inexpensive. I believe all the pieces together were under $10. There is a better photo of it down below.   Also in this photo (and another view down below) is a bulletin board.  I got the board through freecycle. it was freaking ugly but I needed something for the wall, so I found - what I think is - cute fabric and covered it. me likes.

The Fourth Photo is a photo of my kid at 3 weeks old.  hahaha... yeah, that's true, but that has nothing to do with my craft space.  :D (gah, I'm so funny, I crack myself up...) Anyway, it is a bookshelf. Another Ikea find ($24.99 and easy to assemble). My plan for this was to store all of my bins and boxes... but I never really got around to it. On the top shelf, the boxes hold all sorts of patterns. I put some of my craft books here as well. I have another shelf in another room with some my other craft books.  Next to the books are boxes filled with embroidery floss, ribbons, seed beads, beads, and scrabble tiles. Next shelf has shoe boxes. one full of vintage buttons (the sack on the top is also vintage buttons!!), the next box has my supplies for making scrabble tiles. On top of that, a box with jewelry findings, and then on top of that, jewelry making tools. In the bag there are more findings and beads in cute containers. Under that... Paper/Photo Paper/Labels (printables cos I also *craft* on my computer using illustrator and photoshop). There is mailing crap like envelopes and a couple of boxes - cos I do recycle! And there is just stuff that I have no idea why I keep hanging on to.

Look at all that juicy thread!

My bulletin board. It holds... well you can see what I put on it.

The rail/bar with buckets.

There is a table ironing board under that fabric.

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  1. Hi,

    I like your creative space and your way of describing it. I am one of your partners at swap-bot and I enjoyed reading about it here on your blog.