Monday, January 11, 2010

I've been slacking...

My girls are not keeping me in check!  Sandy!!! this means you.
(Figured, I'd call her Sandy so she'd get real mad and do something about it. :P)

Instead of a crafty something, I'm gonna post my mugshot for today. (I'm not even keeping up with the mug a day).  OH SANDY!!! HELP ME. I'M A SLACKER!

Mug 1/11/10

Here's what I'm drinking today.

Coffee. I stirred in a packet of cocoa, cos I'm crafty like that.
Earl Grey tea.  Hot and iced.  yes. iced.
Diet Coke. its for later.

Today's drinks.

Also, in the drinks photo, you can see three items from swaps that I've received.
a Frida Matchbox Shrine. A matchbox stuffie (kitty) and a so ugly its cute felt stuffie.

If you want, go to the flickr page for this photo. I made notes for these items.


  1. Yum, mocha. Iced mocha is even better. So what's up with not even a picture-a-day? I thought you loved you some self-portraits?

    p.s. I posted a joke in your joke thread.

  2. well, the pic a day is kinda dumb after all, cos the pics seem to end up looking the same.

    and you've made my FB friends giggle and groan... haha I went to that site and posted a lot of the *funny* jokes. Thanks for that link.

  3. I like your pic a day!

    I used to be a total Diet Coke junkie. Then, I switched to Diet Pepsi. I'm going into Day 5 of no caffeine... and no one has died yet! Hooray!

  4. @jai Lucky them. I can't start my day without caffeine. I do not even want to think about giving it up. Nope. no. can. do.

  5. I just came across your blog today and I got a laugh out of this because I love cocoa in my coffee but I also like my tea and my diet coke.