Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Two of Something Crafty A Day

Here are my three items for today.

This afternoon, I spent a bit of time at the park with Deb and her three babies, Sofia, Emma and Jonas. Jonas is a sweet, sweet, sweet little baby. Such sweetness. I love him. Anyway, Jonas had a hat but it was too small for his head. Deb said she has a hard time finding one that will fit his head (I'm not saying it, but SHE says its big). She pulled at the seams to make it a bit bigger. it worked. I guess. Well it gave me my idea for today's something crafty for today.

I had some fabric scraps left over from CJ's snuggie that I made for him, so I told Deb that I'd try to make a hat using that. Deb and I kinda have a thing for skulls. This fabric has skulls.

anyway, here is the beanie that I made.
Jonas' beanie
Don't laugh. Unless I absolutely have to, I don't have the patience for patterns so my stuff is always wonky. Its cool cos none of the people I make stuff for are sewers so they either don't notice or they won't say anything. Good for them cos then I'd have to x them off my list of *people I like to make stuff for*. Usually, though, my receivers seem to love what I make for them.

Well, since I didn't really measure his head - I used the hands-around-head-measurement-system, I didn't really get a good *measurement* so I decided I'd make an adjustable head wrap for him.
For Jonas

I figure if the hat isn't snug enough, then she can use the wrap and then put the hat over.
we'll see.

Another thing I made today is this little waterproof pouch. I put in it a DIY ice pack. It is currently in use. I made the pouch small enough to fit in my bra. Yes, my bra. I've been having some shooting pains in my boobie. The same boobie that currently has *issues*. I'll show you the pics of the pouch. and the DIY ice pack... but I will spare you from a pic of the pouch in my bra.

its my new boobie ice pack holder

the diy ice pack

Recipe for making the ice pack...

1 part alcohol*
2 parts water
food coloring of your choice
2 zip lock baggies

Mix the alcohol and water with the food coloring then pour into baggie #1. Take out as much air as you can then place into baggie #2. Freeze.
It won't get completely frozen. It will be slushy, but it will stay cold quite a while.

*rubbing alcohol works, some even use vodka... but who'd waste vodka on an ice pack?


  1. Sorry about the shooting pains but sweet little ice pack. I must say that the food coloring scares me.

  2. Tell Deb I feel her pain. I always have trouble finding hats for Avery because his head is so big :( Love the ice pack idea. But you're right, I would NEVER waste vodka on something like that! Can't wait to see you at dinner :)