Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ahhh... I'm awake now

After I got home from work last night, I slid under the covers for a nap... ahhh... a 10-hour nap works wonders!

I woke up really hungry... and totally bummed that I didn't do anything crafty yesterday. I was starving and craving pancakes. so I made pancakes. at 5 am. on a Tuesday morning. A work day at that.

Lookie here, lookie here.

Barry thought I was weird cos I'd actually use real potatoes to make stuff with (as in mashed potatoes - my fave). I didn't think it was weird at all. I love potatoes.
CONFESSION: Sometimes I take short cuts and use frozen fries, but they don't like when I do that. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Barry gave me this griddle for Christmas the second year we were together.
He was unsure how I would take it, but I LOVED it. I had been hinting I wanted one for the longest. He spent more than I would have spent.  And he got it on sale.  I think it was about $50.
I use it all the time.

I was doing pretty good.  I usually burn stuff when I've got a lot on the burners... and in the oven.

oops... well, I've already accepted the fact that I burn stuff. Every meal. it doesn't matter.

I did pretty good with the bacon this time... Thats usually the stuff that gets burned because I leave it in the oven too long.

So, here's my finished meal.
Yes, since I burn it, I usually go ahead and eat it.
but damn, it was goooooooood.

So. My question to you now is...



  1. I'm hungry, wish you would have thought about me this morning! You could have brought me pancakes and you would have made my day a little brighter!

  2. Nope. But I love that you have collapsed gnomes on your stove! :)

  3. I love bacon and I haven't had breakfast yet - of course I'm hungry!!!

    I love those gnomes too.

  4. Yes. I'm coming by in the morning. That looks awesome.